BLISS Bedding

At Equestrian Products, we stock a unique range of Premium quality straw bedding – designed to be dust free, easy to handle and muck heap friendly.

The ‘Equestrian’ Horse Range of BLISS Bedding

We stock a range of horse bedding from ‘BLISS’ which has been developed with your horse’s health, quality and affordability in mind.

Your horse won’t be the only one getting a better night’s sleep.

  • BLISS Basic – £7.80.
  • BLISS Eucalyptus – £8.00.
  • BLISS Citronella – £8.00.

BLISS bedding is chopped and treated rape straw, finely chopped for high absorbency. Dust free, easy to handle and muck heap friendly. BLISS Eucalyptus with added Eucalyptus oils to keep stables smelling fresh during the winter months.

A cost effective alternative to conventional straw or shavings.

Suitable for horses that have respiratory ailments or COPD.

Maintains a fresh and pleasant stable environment.

Dust extracted – Treated with trusted Stable Guard disinfectant.

Packaged in fully degradable bags – Bale net weight approximately 20kg.

Biodegrades on muck heap in around six months.

Also taken into account is storage, we deliver to your yard with a minimum order of five bales and be with you in two to three working days.