Horse Scales/Weigh Platform Available from Equestrian Products

At Equestrian Products, we offer two types of horse scales/weigh platform from our “Equestrian” Horse Scales range. Contact Equestrian Products for more details on horse scales.

The ‘Equestrian’ Horse Range of Horse Scales/Weigh Platform

The Horse Scales/Weigh Platform range is the lightest weight and lowest profile of horse scales available – easier to move around, set and operate. The weighing process is also a less stressful experience for your horses.

  • Manufactured from lightweight, high strength aluminium.
  • Platform covered with hard wearing non-slip rubber matting.

We are able to offer two versions:

Horse Scales

Heavy Duty 1-Piece Weigh Platform.

Heavy duty 1 piece weigh platform, weighs in at only 50kg with low 65mm profile and sloping leading edge, removing the need for access ramps. This makes it extremely easy to move around and set up.

Standard specifications: 2000mm (l) x 920mm (w) x 65mm (h) 

Capacity: 2000Kg x 1kg Accuracy: +/- 0.1% full scale.

Horse Scales

Portable 3-Piece Weigh Platform.

Portable 3 piece weigh platform, makes this portable horse scales useful to to take to events, for feed nutrionists etc. The design makes it simple for one person to transport and set up the scales. Each platform weighs 43kg – 15kg/13kg/15kg and is slotted together without the use of tools. With a low 65mm profile and sloping leading edge, there is no need for access ramps, and there is a choice of covering, either hard wearing non-slip rubber matting or green astro type turf.

The portable 3 piece horse scales with artificial grass covering.

portable horse scales

The portable 3 piece horse scales fits into any small boot.

The portable 3 piece horse scales fits into any size car.

Horse Scales Benefits

  • Monitor weight gain/loss to establish correct feed regime.
  • Establish most efficient racing weight.
  • Monitor competition and travel stress and recovery rate.
  • Establish accurate dosage for worming, anaesthetic, tetanus or vaccine.
  • Ensure foal growth rate is controlled.
  • Save time and effort.

Horse Scales Features

  • Weight indicator either wall mounted mains powered or hand held battery powered to suit your requirement.
  • Simple design for ease of use.
  • Weight hold feature designed to capture live moving weight.
  • Weigh horses, feed and tack before loading horsebox to avoid overloading.
  • Manufacture in the UK so prompt service is always available.