Horse Scales

Horse scales available from Equestrian Products

At Equestrian Products, we offer two types of horse weighing scales that are the "Equestrian" and the our 3-piece scale. Contact Equestrian Products for details on horse scales.

The "Equestrian" or the horse weighbridge range

Horse weighbridge is the lightest weighing equipment made from high strength aluminium. It is covered with a non-slippery rubber matting. Being lightweight, you can move around  easily. It is available in two versions. Both measure 2m x 1m. First version includes the heavy duty 1-piece platform weighing 50kg with a 65 mm profile and sloping edge and second one is a portable 3-piece platform which is in total 43 kg, with each piece individually weighing 15kg, 13kg and 15kg. It is easy to transport and can be easily handled by a single person. 
horse weighing equipment
horse weighing machine on the lawn

Benefits of our horse weighing platforms include:

  • Made from high quality materials
  • Durable and strong
  • Monitors horse weight accurately
  • Simple in use and less stressful for your horse
  • Comes with a digital weight indicator
At Equestrian Products, we also offer a  horse walker and horse care equipment.
digital weight indicator equipment
equestrian accessories inside the car
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