Vibrating Tables & Tack Boxes supplied throughout the UK.

The expert team at Equestrian Products, provides assistance in the  supply and installation of vibrating tables and tack boxes. Get in touch with us for details. 

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Vibrating floor for horses is a equine vibration equipment which offers physical training and massage to horses.

The use of a vibration floor improves your well-being. With vibration, 97% of body muscles are involved. It is also an excellent therapy that enhances joints, ligaments and tendons.


              TACK BOXES

  • We offer a range of saddle boxes.
    Choose from one or two door boxes, available in various colors and sizes with internal equipment.
    Our saddle boxes are of high quality workmanship with attention to the small details resulting from many years of experience in the production of tack boxes.
    The bending of sheet metal, the aesthetic welds and high-quality powder coat is standard for us. We pay attention to safety of both the horse and handler use to the satisfaction of our customers
    Why is a saddle box worth having?
    A saddle box is more than a special box for storing riding equipment.
    Functional layout of the shelves has been planned to fit the necessary accessories required.
    The box also consists of a saddle holder, retractable handle holders and practical drawers that allow quick access to the most essential items.
    A question to ask is – which is the right model for you?
    The box should have wheels, so you can easily transport it to any place. This is convenient during a competition when a mobile cabinet is needed.
    Usually consisting of drawers, shelves, saddle holders, hooks for bridles. It may also be worth buying a waterproof cover to protect the box from scratches and possible damages during transport.
    Saddle boxes from us are high quality in workmanship, used in both competitions and daily training. Equipped with compartments and drawers so it easy to organize all necessary accessories.
    We also offer our clients the opportunity to personalize them.
    Design your own cabinet.
    Equestrian lockers can be ordered in many colors, choose the color of the of your choice for the body, door, tops and decorations, logos, including horses.
    Different not only in size, the common feature is a competitive price.
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Horse Tack Box

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