Horse Feed Barrow

At Equestrian Products, we stock a unique range of Horse Feed barrows – designed to feed each horse individually the correct amount, using high tech weighing system built into the barrow.

The ‘Equestrian’ Horse Range of Horse Feed Barrows

The Horse Feed Barrow allows individual exact feeding for each horse

  • 250 litre capacity. Dimensions 1575 x 865 x 720mm. Weight 40 kg.
  • Built-in indicator measures the weight of forage as it is removed from the wagon. Once the correct weight is fed, push reset and it is ready for the next horse.
  • Accuracy up to 0.1kg.
  • Wireless: runs on a rechargeable long-life lithium battery.
  • Latest electronic load cell technology means no moving parts, dust and water resistant, maintenance free.
  • Tough & durable polyethylene body mounted on to a galvanised metal frame.
  • Fitted with 2 roller bearing 4-ply pneumatic wheels and a 200mm heavy duty swivel wheel will spin in its own length.
  • Looped handle gives the user optimum control when pushing the wheelbarrow.
  • Lightweight even with heavy loads reducing physical strain on the user.
  • Designed exclusively for feeding horses.