Automatic Horse Feeders Giving you Freedom from Routine Feeding.

SiMPLEFEEDER is an automatic horse feeder designed to feed your horse as little or often as required. These horse feeders are perfect for both internal and external use and can be bar-mounted or wall mounted.


Replicating a natural horse feeding system

The automatic horse feeder system was developed with an intention to replicate the natural feeding system. Horses normally need feed a number of times a day. This automatic horse feeding system will ease your job by automatically feeding the horse the proper quantity. If you are preparing your horse for a competition, then it keeps track of late and early feed times. There are many advantages of using the automatic horse feeder system over the natural feeding system. Get in touch with Equestrian Products for details.


StableGraze is an automated feeder for in the stable allowing you to feed little and often even when you are not at the yard. Made up of three compartments each able to hold up to 5kgs of haylage the easy to use control panel allows the owner to select the time required between feeds ensuring the horse is fed on time with the proper amount.

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